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New Price Structure for 2016

In September 2016 we re-structured our pricing model. Up until then our festival listings were made available via a subscription model — where clients leased our listings for a monthly (per listing) fee. We handled the upkeep of the data — primarily the festival dates and the venue information — and provided those updates to our clients at regular intervals.

After consulting with our existing clients we've changed the way we do business. It has taken away a little of what we supply (we no longer provide festival dates) but the savings to our clients are considerable.

No More Subscription Fees

Now, rather than paying a recurring monthly fee to publish our listings, clients purchase the rights to display our listings — it's a one-off cost that gives clients the right for life to display our festival listings for their stated purpose.

Our Pricing Structure

Since September 2016, our pricing structure is as follows:

From 50 to 100 festival listings: €3.00 per listing
From 101 to 250 festival listings: €2.80 per listing
From 251 to 500 festival listings: €2.60 per listing
From 500 and more festival listings: €2.40 per listing

What's Next?

If you're interested in utilising our listings and you'd like to have a poke around under the hood of our database, get in touch. We'll set you up with a bespoke client page where you can see sections of our database in detail.

You can also check out some of our example listings, get a feel for the scope of our data or read up on our frequently asked questions.

From Mardi Gras in New Orleans to Oktoberfest in Munich

Let The Festival Gadget's professionally-written database of 734 festival listings (and counting) form part of your app's travel content.

No more subscription fees, just a one-time cost starting at €2.40 per festival listing.

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Fully Customised

Choose only those festival listings that tickle your fancy — we'll package 'em up in your own ready-to-roll MySQL database of funky festival content.

Geo Coordinated

Looking to geo-drop our content directly onto your app's map? No problem, all our festival listings come with their own latitude and longitude coordinates.

Budget Priced

Don't bust the budget, start off small and grow with us by adding to your database of festival listings over time.

Deluge of Data

From venue details to website, twitter and contact particulars — on top of our highly-polished festival descriptions, each of our listings come with 16 fields of pertinent info.


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