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The Festival Gadget's Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: September 2016

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Please keep in mind, The Festival Gadget is still a fledgling operation and the answers to the questions below may change over time as our product develops.

As we grow and more questions arise, we will certainly add to the FAQs made available on this page.

When referring to listings in the questions and answers below we are referring to individual festival listings or festival guides — a collection of 16 fields of data relating to an individual festival or event.

Our Listings

What information is available with each of your listings?

Each of the listings in our database contain 16 fields, including:

listing id: a unique numerical identifier
festival name
festival slug: a unique lowercase festival name with spaces replaced with a dash (-) to be used when applying a filename to the festival listing. e.g. cannes-film-festival
festival country
festival city
festival address
festival latitude: geo-coordinates of the festival
festival longitude: geo-coordinates of the festival
festival month
festival type 1: in house assigned festival type. e.g. Jazz and Blues Festivals
festival type 2: a secondary festival type
festival website url: where available
festival twitter account: where available
festival contact: email or telephone number of a festival contact where available
festival description: 50 to 200 word festival descriptions written by our one of our team of professional travel writers or provided by festival staff
listing update: timestamp of the last update

Data from individual fields may be missing from some records due to unavailability, or in the case of a festival month or venue, because they are yet to be announced.

Festival latitude and longitude information will be precise when a festival is held in a single venue. When an event is held in many venues or across an entire city, we'll aim to pinpoint the geolocation of a specific venue associated with the event.

Example Listings

Do you have example listings that can be viewed?

Sure do. You can see some of our listings for a number of the world's premier festivals and events here.

Limited Listings

With the exception of your example listings page, why doesn't your website display full festival descriptions?

After 17 years of online publishing we know that information offered up for public consumption via the web, soon makes its way to places well beyond our control.

Our content is our product, so think of our clandestine ways as a small, possibly futile attempt to maintain a level of protection for our intellectual property.

Having said that, we're happy to open up to legitimate potential clients, so if that's you, get in touch and we'll direct you to a password-protected paradise of full-fat festival data.

Listing Previews

Can we view the listings we'd like to syndicate before purchase?

Sure thing, prior to purchase we're happy to make your selected listings available for perusal via a personalised password-protected client page.

Festival Dates

You used to provide festival dates with your listings, why no more?

It's true, we did. We also charged a monthly fee for our listings in order to be able to maintain that date data.

After consulting with our existing clients (and a mentor or two in the industry) we've changed our business model.

As part of those changes we've scrapped the dates from our listings and in the process moved from a monthly, per listing, pricing structure to a one-off charge based on the number of listings you're looking to purchase. (see more in Pricing below)

It puts some of the maintenance of the listings back in the hands of you, our clients, but instead of renting our data, you take ownership of it on day one.

Festival Photos

Will photographs be included with your listings?

No photographs will be provided with our listings.

Unfortunately, the logistics involved in obtaining copyright for thousands of images made the option unworkable.

For individual publishers, festival PR departments are usually more than happy to provide high quality images via email when approached. To facilitate that approach, each of our listings provide a festival contact point.

Listing Updates

Are your listings updated?

Yes they are. We understand time moves on and festivals come and go. Each listing in the database will be updated annually.

We attempt to keep the month, address, geo-location data and descriptions for our festival listings up to date for two months in advance.

So for example at the end of February in any given year, the month, address, geo-location data and descriptions in our database will be current for any festivals that take place through to the end of April of that year.

Any further out than two months and inevitably many of the festivals we maintain listings for don't have that up-to-date data available.

After purchase will you update the listings that I have bought?

No, your personal festival listing database will not be updated following purchase. You purchase the database as is, with no updates forming part of the purchase agreement.

However... each client receives a personalised, password-protected client page (see Delivery below) where the latest version of their listings are available to view — this is an added extra that The Festival Gadget provides as a courtesy, but does not form part of the purchase agreement. This policy may change without notice in the future.

So in essence, you are purchasing a database of selected festival listings that is up-to-date at the time of purchase. But, you have access to the most recent updates to any festival listings that formed part of your initial purchase via your personalised, password-protected client page.

Listing Accuracy

Do you guarantee the accuracy of your listings

No, I'm afraid that's impossible. We'll check over each existing listing at least once every 12 months for accuracy, but often festivals are cancelled with little or no notice and venues or dates change. Basically things happen that are well out of our control and as we have no affiliation with any of the festivals we list, we are rarely made aware of these changes or cancellations.

Where possible we supply website details for any festivals we list. We strongly advise clients to make the link available alongside our listings so details can be checked before bookings are made.

We can take absolutely no responsibility for any bookings made based on information contained in the listings we maintain.

As part of our terms and conditions, clients are required to absolve The Festival Gadget from any potential liability based on bookings made based on the information supplied in our listings.

Have The Festival Gadget's writers been to all the festivals and events represented in your database?

Between us we're a well travelled bunch and whilst we've been to a boat-load of festivals over the decades, we haven't attended all of the events that are represented in The Festival Gadget database.

Often we are provided with copy supplied directly from a festival or event — written by an organiser or a press officer — that we either run with as is, or slightly re-work to fit in with our own style of writing.

Other times we will craft a description from detail provided on the festival website and backed up by watching videos of an event and seeking other third party accounts. In those cases, the descriptions are more informative in nature and may lack the subjectivity we use to spice up those listings of events we've attended.

The most important aspect when putting together each and every listing in our database is the need to be as accurate as possible with all of the information we provide.

Duplicate Content

Don't Google and the other search engines frown upon duplicate content? What's your take?

For the time being at least, The Festival Gadget's listings are not being made available for general publishing on the web. There are just too many duplicate content issues and the last thing we want our content to do is to hamper, even penalise your SEO attempts.

On a case-by-case basis we will consider offering up our listings for use on web sites and web applications where the information is password-protected, available only to subscribers and inaccessible to any and all search engine crawling.

Our content is primarily being offered for use on mobile phone and tablet applications (apps) or in printed formats.

If you have any specific questions or would like to discuss your individual situation, please get in touch.

The Destinations

Do you have a list of cities that you'll provide listings for?

We have a provisional list of cities that we are working towards providing listings for, but in reality we're adding new cities almost as often as we're adding new listings.

That provisional list of cities and a live count of the number of festivals per city is maintained at our festivals by city page.


So, how are your listings priced?

As mentioned above, we've recently changed our pricing model from a per month, per listing basis to a one-off per listing charge. In effect, clients are no longer renting our data but taking ownership from the date of purchase.

The larger the number of listings you require, the lower the per listing price becomes.

From 50 to 100 festival listings: €3.00 per listing
From 101 to 250 festival listings: €2.80 per listing
From 251 to 500 festival listings: €2.60 per listing
From 500 and more festival listings: €2.40 per listing

Why not start small with 50 listings (our minimum), test things out and add to your festival offering over time?

Selected Listings

We only want to display a number of specific festivals listings. Is that possible?

Yes, you are able to choose a selection of individual listings you would like to syndicate. Or you may select all listings for specific cities, countries or even listings based on type — say all beer festivals in our database, for example. We're totally flexible in this regard and willing and able to provide you with a personalised set of listings to meet your exact requirements.

All that we ask is that clients take on a minimum of 50 listings.


What if we want to have exclusive rights to display your listings?

That ship sailed when we took on our first paying customer I'm afraid, but we're in the bespoke travel content market, so get in touch if you'd like to see what we can do for you.

On Selling

Can we on-sell your listings as part of a package of information we supply to third parties?

Yes, in certain cases. However we'd need to look at these on a case-by-case basis. The size of the third-party market(s) will need to be factored in when determining a pricing plan.

Best get in contact with us and supplying a few details before we can sign off on any on-selling.


How do you deliver your listings?

Each client — and potential client — is provided with a personalised, password-protected client page.

All festival listings will be presented in full on your client page.

A link to download your personalised MySQL database containing all requested listings will also be available from your client page.

Moving Ahead

We're keen to proceed, how do we do so from here?

That's great! We suggest you get in touch and let us know a couple of lines about your project and the number of listings you're after.

We'll get back to you with plenty of password-protected content for you to peruse and the answers to all of your The Festival Gadget questions within 24 hours.

From Mardi Gras in New Orleans to Oktoberfest in Munich

Let The Festival Gadget's professionally-written database of 734 festival listings (and counting) form part of your app's travel content.

No more subscription fees, just a one-time cost starting at €2.40 per festival listing.

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Fully Customised

Choose only those festival listings that tickle your fancy — we'll package 'em up in your own ready-to-roll MySQL database of funky festival content.

Geo Coordinated

Looking to geo-drop our content directly onto your app's map? No problem, all our festival listings come with their own latitude and longitude coordinates.

Budget Priced

Don't bust the budget, start off small and grow with us by adding to your database of festival listings over time.

Deluge of Data

From venue details to website, twitter and contact particulars — on top of our highly-polished festival descriptions, each of our listings come with 16 fields of pertinent info.


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