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Copenhagen Blues Festival - September in Copenhagen, Denmark
For five down and dirty days each September, the Danish capital discovers its deep south side, during the annual Copenhagen Blues Festival. Now well into...
Christmas Markets Tallinn - December in Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn's UNESCO listed, medieval old town centre feels almost custom made for Christmas. With her narrow cobbled lanes and imposing spires, her inviting cafes and...
Helsinki Christmas Markets - December in Helsinki, Finland
By December, the north's dark canvass of winter has descended upon Helsinki. The distant sun pokes it head above the horizon at about 10am, hangs...
Brussels Affordable Art Fair - February in Brussels, Belgium
The concept is simple, the name says it all really. The Brussels Affordable Art Fair is about making contemporary art available to the masses. Thousands...
Tenerife Carnival - February in Tenerife, Spain
More than a quarter of a million party-goers from all corners of the globe converge on Santa Cruz, capital of the Canary Islands, for their...

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In short: we provide festival guides to augment the content of your website, app, print or pdf publication.

For a small monthly fee of course.

Since 2001 we've been putting together the web's widest and most loved collection of festivals and events over at 2camels. In that time we've covered the full gamut of worldwide celebrations — from beer fests in China to religious events in Venezuela. Our 2,800+ festival listings cover more than 1,500 cities in almost 200 countries, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

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But the time has come to do something a little different; welcome to the Festival Gadget.

This time around we're concentrating on short, sharp, professionally-written festival descriptions, and lots of 'em. Our aim? To provide our clients with the finest, most comprehensive festival and event information on the market — this sort of thing.

The Festival Gadget RobotOur best-in-the-biz team of professional travel writers are currently hard at work penning thousands of festival entries from more than 500 cities worldwide.

Each listing contains a 50-200 word festival description, festival dates for this year and next, festival type definitions, festival website, twitter and contact details along with festival latitude and longitude information, so you can drop our festival guides directly onto a map.

We're still deep in development at the moment, but we're in the market for clients. So if you're after a little exquisite festival content for your app, website or publication, please check out our FAQs and get in touch and we'll let you know exactly what we can do for you and your project.