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If you're of the opinion that jogging is likely to kill you with boredom before producing any long-lasting health effects, you're not alone. But never......

You ready to take back the streets from those gas-guzzling, pollution-spouting, cars, motorbikes and trucks? Do you want to make a stand against consumerism, war......

Sunburn Festival (111 words) - December in Goa, India
Devotee of dance? Make sure you get a decent dose of sunburn this winter. Since 2007, hordes of EDM lovers have made the pilgrimage to......

Moira Canal Festival (76 words) - May in Moira, England
Bone up on your local Derbyshire history and help out a wonderful cause whilst you enjoy a programme packed with family friendly events, at the......

For ten sun-soaked days each March, Mexico's Zihuatanejo Bay sways to the strains of a couple of dozen well-plucked guitars during the annual, Zihuatanejo International......

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The Festival Gadget - What's It All About Then?

In short: we provide festival guides to augment the content of your travel app. For a small monthly fee of course.

Since 2001 we've been putting together the web's widest and most loved collection of festivals and events over at 2camels. In that time we've covered the full gamut of worldwide celebrations — from beer fests in China to religious events in Venezuela. Our 2,800+ festival listings cover more than 1,500 cities in almost 200 countries, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

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...with incredibly infrequent, short, sharp email updates on our progress.

But the time has come to do something a little different; welcome to the Festival Gadget.

This time around we're concentrating on short, sharp, professionally-written festival descriptions, and lots of 'em. Our aim? To provide our clients with the finest, most comprehensive festival and event information on the market — this sort of thing.

The Festival Gadget RobotOur best-in-the-biz team of professional travel writers are currently hard at work penning thousands of festival entries from more than 500 cities worldwide.

Each listing contains a 50-200 word festival description (current average: 95 words), festival dates, festival type definitions, festival website, twitter and contact details along with festival latitude and longitude information, so you can drop our festival guides directly onto a map.

We're still deep in development at the moment, but we're in the market for clients. So if you're after a little exquisite festival content for your app please check out our FAQs and get in touch and we'll let you know exactly what we can do for you and your project.